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We are excited to announce the 3rd International Union for Quaternary Research (INQUA) and Past Global Changes (PAGES) joint Early Career Researcher (ECR) workshop from 3-7 November 2024 in Goa, India.

Tropical hydroclimate variability in the Quaternary: Insights from proxies and models, and the way forward (TROPQUA)

The workshop aims to bring together early career researchers (ECRs) investigating tropical climate hydrodynamics over various timescales in the Quaternary based on proxy data and climate models, with the common goal of bridging the gap between these two components of research and fostering collaboration.


The purpose of this workshop is to provide a platform for climate modelers and proxy data-driven climate scientists to:

(i) Interact and engage with each other to better understand the nuances, advantages, limitations, and capabilities that underpin their respective methods 

(ii) Identify challenges and discuss solutions for integrating and comparing different proxy data and models

(iii) Widen their network and collaborate with each other with the aim of enhancing our understanding of Quaternary tropical climate hydrodynamics 


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